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Manticore Search - Installation on CentOS 6

Difficulty: Beginner
Estimated Time: 5 minutes

Manticoresearch - installation on CentOS 6

In this tutorial you will learn how to install Manticore Search on CentOS 6.

Manticore Search - Installation on CentOS 6

Step 1 of 3

Step 1

Downloading Manticore package

First of all, let's download the Manticore package for CentOS 6 from the official repository (you can find a link to the latest package on) :

wget https://github.com/manticoresoftware/manticoresearch/releases/download/3.2.0/manticore-3.2.0_191017.e526a01-1.el6.x86_64.rpm

And install it on the system

rpm -i manticore-3.2.0_191017.e526a01-1.el6.x86_64.rpm

Step 2

Running Manticore

Before we start using Manticore we should start its search daemon:

service searchd start

And that's it. Manticore Search is ready for work!

The default configuration file is located at /etc/sphinx/sphinx.conf

It comes with an empty RT index ready to be used and a sample plain index and interfaces SphinxQL on port 9306 and native API on port 9312.

Perform queries

Now we can connect to Manticore Search and perform a couple of simple queries on our test index testrt. Let's connect to Manticore using the mysql client. Manticore Search comes with built-in support for MySQL, but requires the presence of client libraries (the package has different names, depending on Linux distribution, for more information check https://docs.manticoresearch.com/latest/html/installation.html))

mysql -P9306 -h0

Check if the index is available


Do simple INSERT queries:

INSERT INTO testrt VALUES(1,'Our first query','Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet',10);

INSERT INTO testrt VALUES(2,'Our second query','Eum sumo inimicus cotidieque ne',10);

And see the results by performing SELECT queries:


SELECT *,WEIGHT() FROM testrt WHERE MATCH('second query');